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Anytime you can expect the August Core update Volatility rolled out. In the meantime, there was a notable wave of volatility on September 5th.

It could be the final one before the update concludes. 

Some speculate the fluctuations may be related to ranking or layout changes in search results.

SEO forums and communities reported significant traffic swings, particularly in the USA and Canada.

Despite the uncertainty, the update may have officially started on August 22nd.

Recent charts from Glenn Gabe are mentioned, though they mainly cover a timeframe before the one being discussed.

Here Is What He Said –

“Now two weeks into the rollout, you can clearly see some big drops & surges in search visibility, & the impact of those drops/surges on clicks in GSC. Here are a few examples (both GSC data & visibility changes across some domains). I’m sure the update is close to finished: 

The completion of the update is expected soon, and there’s a query about notable changes in recent days.  

Here Is What He Further Added:

“And here are just a few examples of visibility drops and surges. There were some huge changes here for sites across verticals. Again, the update is probably close to rolling out. And we’ll see if another update is waiting in the wings (like the next HCU or reviews update):

The excitement is soaring! The update can come into action. Till then, focus on SEO best practices.  

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