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  • 4 indicates a client-side error, meaning the issue lies with the information you provided in your request. 
  • On the other hand, 01 signifies that the specific error is related to authorization. 

Table Of Content

401 Staus Code And SEO – What’s The Correlation?

401 Staus Code And SEO - What’s The Correlation 

(i) Impact On Search Engine Crawling

(ii) Impact On User Experience 

So, How Do You Fix 401 Status Code Errors? 

(i) Ensuring Page Accessibility 

(ii) Swift Identification Of Potentially Restricted Pages 

(iii) The Balancing Act With Password-Protected Content 

Instructing The Visitor: Clear Paths To Access 

(i) Crafting Intuitive Error Messages 

(ii) Seamless Credential Acquisition Flows 

(iii) Understanding Robots.txt And Beyond 

Evolution Of Authentication Practices 

(i) Exploring API Keys And Tokenization 

(ii) Seeking Professional Consultation

Bottom Line

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